Selected photo comissions for MIT Technology Review. 2014-2018. 

Lake power in Rwanda photographed by Jason Florio

Jessica Brillhart photographed by Tim Barber

Fusion power startup photographed by Julian Berman

Wearable devices photographed by Damien Maloney

Troll hunter photographed by Anders Lindén

Tim Cook photographed by Joshua Mathews

India’s energy crisis photographed by Sami Siva

Amazon fulfillment center photographed by Lauren Lancaster

Drone medical delivery service in Rwanda photographed by Jason Florio

Meron Gribetz photographed by Damien Maloney

The opening of SolarCity’s Gigafactory in Buffalo, NY photographed by Gus Powell

Manhattan D.A. Cyrus Vance, Jr. photographed by Jonno Rattman

Experimental neurosurgey photographed by Lauren Lancaster

Virtual reality theme park photographed by PJ Couture

Texas energy photographed by Sandy Carson

Rachel Haot photographed by Samantha Casolari

Hyperloop press event photographed by Jeff Minton

Oculus Rift photographed by Damien Maloney

Ghana’s e-tailers photographed by Francis Kokoroko

Quantum computer photographed by Mathijs Labadie

An app for addiction treatment photographed by Lauren Justice

Douglas Trumbull’s reimagined movie theater photographed by Leonard Greco

Truck drivers with a self-driving truck photographed by Andrew Paynter

Life in a facotry town, Greenville, South Carolina photographed by Stacy Kranitz

30-year cancer patient Carmen Teixidor and her doctor, photographed by Jonno Rattman